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Call Superior Carpet and Upholstery Care to speak with a carpet cleaning specialist now (215) 598-1600's professional carpet cleaning services are not to be matched in Chalfont. We have the best equipment, most highly trained staff so no stain is too tough for us!

Coffee stains? No match for us!

We are Chalfont’s carpet cleaning company. Not only are we the most dependable, we clean your carpets and use a special solution and procedure that gets your carpets dryer; much quicker than the competition. Don’t you hate when you get your carpets or furniture cleaned, and the company leaves them damp and wet for 6+ hours? Not with us, and that is just one little (but pretty big) difference between us and our competition.

Whether home or business, we clean it! When you schedule your carpet cleaning appointment for your home or business in Chalfont, we’re on-site to get the job done right and leave you happy. For 45+ years our proven methods leave your carpets cleaner and our customers happy!

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